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Matium Monday Vol. 8 - At our Core

At the Core of Matium is.... Matium Core

At the heart of our approach is Matium Core, designed to simplify operations for businesses dealing with raw materials. Consumers often take for granted the ease and simplicity of purchasing products online without considering the complexities involved in manufacturing those products. Matium is dedicated to serving those who create, acknowledging that while consumers enjoy a seamless shopping experience, the manufacturing sector often lags behind in technological advancements.

Matium Core serves as a comprehensive business platform, streamlining processes for manufacturing and raw material companies. Our platform addresses common challenges such as automated paperwork generation, one-click shipping for materials, and more, which are not as straightforward as consumers might think. Matium simplifies these tasks through automation, showcasing just a fraction of what Matium Core is capable of.

Built upon a unique material matchmaking algorithm, Matium Core optimizes transactions by matching specifications, pricing, and location, thus enhancing both business and supply chain efficiency. This includes a focus on profitability and environmental considerations. Matium facilitates the pairing of supply and demand with ease, transforming the entire raw material sales or procurement process into a few simple clicks.

For small and medium-sized businesses along the raw material supply chain, Matium can serve as a comprehensive system, integrating CRM, ERP, and TMS functionalities and seamlessly working with QuickBooks. For larger enterprises, Matium Core acts as a smart interface over complex ERPs, addressing the specific needs of the materials sector. Understanding the significance of material specifications is crucial, as they define the value and utility of the materials, far beyond basic descriptions.

Matium Core sits below the Network. Anything that happens on Matium Core is your data and for your eyes only! Come May, you will have the ability to sync to the Network and propose transactions with your connections BUT you control who gets shared what, at what price, and what details they see. We are not changing how you do business, simply making it easier for you!

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Matium Core brings your business together...

What material businesses are currently doing... CRM - email contacts, bcc groups, HubSpot, phone contacts, excel spread sheets

ERP - excel sheets, basic accounting softwares, microsoft dynamix

TMS - freight brokers, load boards, 3pl contracts

Document Center - by hand, internal templates, third party softwares

Trading - checking inbox, posting on LinkedIn, calling around

Analytics- spreadsheets

Directory- Google, ThomasNet, UL Prospector

How Matium fits into your business... CRM - Manage company contact base and send out information on materials (replace email).

ERP - Inventory manager that integrates into accounting where company line card lives.

TMS - Live freight booking and logistics tracking system that connects erp and crm accordingly.

Document Center - PO/SO creation for orders as well as BOL, packing list, etc. for logistics.

Trading - Material have/need match making that creates simpler trading with analytics.

Analytics- Intelligence/reporting on business as well as broader market.

Directory- Find vetted service providers along supply chain when needed (ex warehousing, packaging, etc.).

Training Camp.

As we all know, the countdown to NPE is on! For Matium, that is when our season officially kicks off. For now though, we are in training camp and so are our users...

Last week, Matium began tiered onboarding onto our Core platform for companies to begin trialing prior to our full commercial launch at NPE. Right now our waitlist is long but we are onboarding new businesses eager to use Matium as their digital infrastructure everyday!

The goal is simple - LEARN. We will continue to learn more and evolve from our users while our users will grow and evolve with their knowledge of the platform enabling them to run a smoother businesses and be as successful as possible on Matium come May.

If you think your company would benefit from a Matium Core trial, please reach out to be put on the waitlist!

So what happens between now and May?

  • Matium Core will begin to integrate with QuickBooks Online and Xero

  • A start of the art email integration will be released

  • Advanced analytics functionality will continue to roll out

  • We will listen to our customers requests and build!

We are excited to have you along for the ride and to grow together!

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