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The Beginning of the Beginning

This past week the Matium Network soft launched with the Network Directory and our Freight Rates tool. We launched with over 100 companies featuring hundreds of locations.

The Network = Effect

In the world of supply chains, it's all about who you know and how quickly you can move. That's where Matium steps in. We're not another marketplace; we're a community networked and ran by you.

Take a look at the image here—it's our take on the famous napkin sketch that described Uber's network effect. With Matium, it starts with demand. More companies jump on board, the word gets out, and suddenly, you've got a web of recyclers, traders, manufacturers. compounders, warehousers, carriers, etc. etc..

The cool part? It's all about relationships. We get that deals are made with handshakes, not just clicks. So we're all about letting you run your network your way. But we're also about cutting out the redundancies—no more wasted time, no more hand filled paperwork, and definitely no taking chances with unvetted business transactions.

This cycle keeps spinning—more demand leads to faster deals, which means less downtime for facilities. And when things move faster, costs start dropping. Which in turn makes the US more competitive with the world's manufacturing economy. Ultimately strengthen the American manufacturing economy and restoring greatness to the industrial sector.

So, what's this all mean? Simple. Joining Matium means you're plugging into a smarter way to work. Less hassle, more movement. And the best part is we're doing it together, making supply chains smarter, one connection at a time.

What is next for the Matium Network?

As mentioned earlier, the Matium Network is just getting started. Our main objective is to streamline processes for our users and reduce wasted time in their daily routines. To achieve this, we began with two seemingly simple features that have a significant impact on saving time.

The Network Directory allows you to effortlessly search for companies along the raw materials supply chain that offer the services or materials you may require.

With Freight Rates, all it takes is a few clicks to input your pickup and dropoff locations, receive a rate, accept it, and voila! You've successfully booked your freight.

Both of these functions have been designed with one purpose in mind - to give you more time in your day.

For the first half of this year, the Matium Network will remain invite-only. Once we launch user sign-up, the Network will be self-verified by users. In simple terms, companies will rank higher in search and suggestion results based on the number of links, positive activity, and profile completeness they have on Matium.

In March, at the Plastic Recycling Conference in Grapevine, TX, we will unveil our exciting Digital Line Cards feature. This innovative addition will empower Network users to find the exact materials they need, down to the very specifications. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to connect and engage with the distributor or producer of the desired material.

And then, the much-anticipated event - NPE in May! At this stage, the Matium Network will seamlessly integrate with the Matium Core platform, allowing users of Matium Core to directly share their opportunities with their connections in the Network.

The Matium Core Platform

Matium Core is the end-to-end business management tool designed for manufacturers, recyclers, and brokers of raw materials. Core features smart material matchmaking, business intelligence, back office automation including one click document generation and freight, as well as a full integration into QuickBooks Online and Xero.

Book a demo for Matium Core HERE.

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