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Matium Monday Vol. 11 - The Monday after NPE

The Matium team had an incredible time in Orlando last week meeting with all of our current users and adding many many more users!

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It was truly incredible to see the support the industry is showing us! With that we had lots meaningful conversations on the future of plastics and are listening to everyone.

For me, the most inspiring part of the week was seeing new connections being formed by members of our Network in person. Walking back to the Matium booth and seeing an impromptu business meeting happening between two Network companies that had never interacted prior showed the power of the network.

We know that coming out of last week with the release of Offers and the new connections made at NPE, many of you probably have questions / want to understand the platform better. Please feel free to book a time below to work with us to understand how Matium can best optimize your materials business.

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Expanding Industry Connections

NPE 2024 was a bustling hub, with Matium strengthening ties with over 300 existing companies and welcoming more than 100 new companies into our network. This expansion underscores our platform's growing influence and the industry's trust in our ability to foster robust collaborations and drive forward collective goals. The event's expansive network opportunities highlighted the vast scale of the plastics industry, which continues to grow, reflecting trends that anticipate a global market value increase of over 6% annually from 2024 to 2032.

We encourage you to start connecting with your Network on Matium so that you can rank higher on the directory! You can do this via Network Links!

Innovating Networking with Matium Offers

A standout moment was the launch of "Matium Offers," a feature allowing companies within our network to exchange personalized offers. This tool is a game-changer, offering enhanced control over pricing transparency and business relationships, reflecting direct feedback from industry stakeholders on their needs for more nuanced and flexible interaction frameworks.

Addressing EPR Legislation and PCR Needs

A hot topic at NPE was the looming Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation. Discussions highlighted that current commitments fall short, with less than 25% of the necessary Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) available to meet 2025 sustainability targets set by Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. This shortfall calls for urgent action and innovative solutions to ramp up recycling capabilities. The urgency is underscored by recent legislative actions across multiple states aiming to enhance recycling capabilities through EPR programs. We stand ready to help the industry with the data needed to address these measures as they come.

The Imperative for U.S. Manufacturing

The call for enhancing U.S. manufacturing was clear, driven by recent increases in manufacturing starts and substantial legislative support through legislation. These initiatives are not only about economic recovery but also about fortifying a resilient supply chain and advancing manufacturing capabilities to meet modern demands. The focus on domestic production is intensifying, with the U.S. seeing a 20% increase in factory openings in 2024 alone, driven by governmental incentives and a strategic shift towards minimizing dependency on foreign manufacturing.

The Industry Buzz Around Matium and Technology

The enthusiasm for Matium at NPE 2024 was unmistakable and we truly appreciate that!

As a platform "built by the industry, for the industry," Matium is poised at the forefront of industry innovation. Our tools and features are designed to meet the unique challenges of the plastics sector, driving essential conversations and collaborations that pave the way for future advancements. The platform's role in transforming how companies connect reflects broader industry trends towards digital solutions that enhance operational efficiency and market responsiveness.

We understand the need for data and automation to help propel the industry further. At the same time, we are keenly aware the of need to preserve relationships and current practices.

We are here for the industry! We are excited to work and grow together.

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