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Matium Minute Vol. 3 - Linking for a better tomorrow!

Matium would like to wish you all a very happy Earth Day and we appreciate all you do to help increase circularity! We are looking forward to enabling greater connections and equipping you with more data to be able to create more success in a circular economy.

In this Matium Minute, we want to cover a few updates on the platform and get you ready for what's right around the corner!

If you are not on Matium yet, you can request early access here!

Linking up!

This past week we launched Matium Links - this is the ability to create your own private materials network on Matium! We encourage you to start building out your Network preparation for the launch of Network Offers at NPE!

Send link requests from the Network Directory

Now you can connect with companies along the materials supply chain where a new link is created when both parties agree to join each other's Network... sound familiar? We've seen many people try to use LinkedIn or WhatsApp groups to attempt this but those tools were not built for the materials industry.

Relationships are what drive this business, being able to share different opportunities with different businesses and changing the variables for each is critical! That is exactly what Network Offers enables. The ability to send / receive opportunities directly to companies you are linked with. From there you can have an individual negotiation to accept, reject, and counter offers.

Being able to analyze each opportunity down the specification level versus what you have/need is something that has not been seen before at scale. We are excited to empower you and your Network to do business more efficiently as well as gather the pertinent data to improve decision making.

We look forward to helping you build the best Network possible for your materials business and optimizing opportunities!

Links is just the tip of the spear!

We invite you to learn more about all the features within Matium and understand the platform better here.

Meet with Matium at NPE - Learn about Network Offers, Matium Core, and creating a premium profile using Matium Access!

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